As a subcontractor we preformed work for this company and they do not pay without having to be sued.

The company is Brite Lite signs in Houston, Texas.

The woman owner is a lier and thief.After further questioning of exemployees they have also confirmed other contractors that have been ripped off and lied too.

It's too bad companies like this are allowed to continue to stay in business. This cost taxpayers money when you tie up the courts to collect money owed by these ripoff companies.

My prayers are that what goes around comes around to this company and they are held accountable for their actions.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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North Kansas City, Missouri, United States #995707

You obviously do not know how Joyce operates. I'm sure your install was not sufficient.


I have been working with Brite Lite Signs for 11 years now and have been very Happy with them. Joyce has made good business decisions. Todd gets my work done in a timely manner

very good team there.

Very Happy

Debbie Thomas


Joyce Sernec AND Brite Lits Signs are OUTSTANDING, the work that they do is phenomenal and very professinal.

I have also spoke with current and previous employees and they say that "Joyce Sernec is a great employer she is very professinal and respectful to her employees and customers."

I believe many of you that have written negative comments below are extremely confused about Joyce Sernec and Brite Lite Signs.

With this being said, I wish Joyce Sernec and Brite Lite signs the best of luck as they WILL do extremely well in Business.

to Anonymous #1343230

Joyce Sernec IS NOT any where near Respectful to her employees ... I filled in for her receptionist and it was A Nightmare... She is a Bully and rules her employees through Fear.


I can't believe this company is even in business not professional by any means


Professional- Chicken S***, I see you work with Joyce, is this full time? I am assuming not if you are spending time on the blog here.

Think before you react and put it in writing it will help you go farher in business and life. Good Luck in the future God Bless


Dear Contractor,

I apologize if you seem to think you were mistreated.Joyce is a intelligent business owner and does get into situations that require the UN pleasant responses that you have dealt with.

I think you will find that Brite Lite is always trying to do the right thing.

If any "chicken ***" person wants to carry on a conversation about what happened or something that was not responded to in a fair manner, I will do what I can to resolve the issue.Otherwise get a full time job and stop spending time on blogs.


From what I understand Karen is a personal friend of Joyce and is not an employee or contractor with any business affiliation. I understand wanting to protect a friend but the way she deals with you may vary from the way she treats others.


Joyce is highly respected by person inside and out of the company as an expert in the industry. Joyce has an "open door" policy, always willing to listen and coach when needed. She is extremely hard working, supportive and a great leader continually encouraging autonomy and personal development

Joyce has always been there for that company and employees even when Mark Sernec threw in the towel

Before you post something you should get your facts straight

to Karen Fletcher Sweeny, Texas, United States #1025334

She does not have an "open door" policy! She is a *** ***!

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